Full-face PMO

In full-face prosopometamorphopsia (full-face PMO), features on both sides of the face are distorted (Dalrymple et al., 2014; Blom et al., 2014). For example, a woman who we tested in our lab, reported distortions to many face parts (both eyes, nose, mouth, and the contour of the face)(Dalrymple et al., 2014). In addition, the distortions she saw grew larger over time. Below you can see how the patient described her perceived distortions for two faces.

prosopometamorphopsia case 1
Figure 1: Patient's description of perceived distortion.
Wow-large nose, prominent eyebrows. The eyebrows are coming towards me. And... strangely, his right eye is getting larger. Like, opening more... yeah, both brows are coming towards me and his- his right eye is getting larger, it's the most prominent thing and the nose is just really prominent, it's almost three dimensionally coming off the screen.
prosopometamorphopsia case 2
Figure 2: Patient's description of perceived distortion.
It's the whole lower face and chin are...almost ballooning. And his left eye is dropping down... still dropping down. It's really weird. It's like I can tell it's not moving because I can look at it and see that but still it, it's moving down his face. It's just... hmmm... Do you get anything with ears? Ears don't really bother me. Ears aren't a thing. I guess, they're not part of a face.


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