Prognosis and Treatment of Prosopometamorphopsia

Face distortions often resolve after a few days or weeks, but in some cases, the distortions persist for many years. It is not understood why some cases clear up quickly while others last for so long.

When the cause of the distortions is known, interventions have been used to address the underlying problem. These include migraine medications, anti-epileptic medications, and surgery to remove tumors. In some of these cases, distortions have been reduced or resolved following the interventions, but because these are usually single-case studies and distortions frequently resolve on their own, it is sometimes unclear whether the intervention contributed to the improvement.

Anecdotal reports suggest that in some cases of prosopometamorphopsia manipulations that affect the face stimulus may influence whether distortions are seen and their intensity. Our lab is looking into the effectiveness of some of these manipulations.


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